Name Board

The Art of Name Board Makers

Name boards, (or plates depending on where they are positioned) are a great resource for a range of reasons and can be used in a variety of ways. One of the most common uses is as a title/nameplate on an office door. They can also be used as specific branding across a range of products and events. A nameplate visually identifies your specific brand, communicating the essence behind the branding to the world. Consequently, a nameplate can have a tremendous impact on the success of your product and presence in that specific space.

So before moving on to the role of professional nameplates, it is important to understand branding. Branding in its simplest terms, literally communicates to the world who an individual is, what they represent and what their authority is to communicate the message.

The branding can be as obvious as the packaging or logo associated with that product, or as subtle as your name. For some traders and business owners, your name is your brand. It distinguishes you both on a business level, but also on an individual level. A business card or placard that says John Smith CEO, has more weight than simply telling another person your name and title.

Therefore, whether you are talking about a simple office door title branding, or company level identification, if you can determine and utilise the features of an excellent nameplate you are well on your way to successful branding.

Whereas name tags tend to be worn on uniforms and other cloth products, nameplates are frequently mounted on objects or physical spaces. They are frequently made out of durable materials, from plastic to wood, metals and usually contain a few lines of text. Office nameplates then do not have much space for more complex designs or information. However, they can also provide a great opportunity. One trend that local businesses have taken up is the chance to customise the nameplates with the businesses logo or cut to a specific shape. For those who have just sourced a bunch of professional employees through labour hire in Melbourne, this can be a great opportunity to create a culture of inclusiveness. Little things like having a personalised nameplate with a unifying logo or design, go a long way towards settling new recruits into the business and creating an inclusive working culture.

Many people use to simply place their name on their nameplate, assuming perhaps rightly that the plate would last longer, and be more transferable through companies and promotions. However as previously discussed a nameplate provides the opportunity to be so much more than a simple stand with someone’s name on it. It can be an inclusive aspect, yes, but it also provides the chance for companies to flow their branding through their workplace and into the products themselves. When the entire office has a constant reminder of what they are working for and their identity within the business it is a powerful tool. Creating a resonant and lasting association for employees, clients and purchasers are paramount to the longevity of your business. The more your company maintains that integrity, the more the general public perceive a unified and strong business. So what are you waiting for? Seek out those opportunities within your business or workplace to implement your own distinct branding and name boards.