Creative Ways to Use Stickers to Promote Your Brand

Stickers to promote brands are definitely not a new phenomenon; in fact these sticky squares or rounds have been in vogue for decades, long before the advent of the Internet. Stickers are physical and their main advantage is that they are a low cost tool for spreading brand awareness if cost per impression is to be taken into account. However, the real power of stickers has not been leveraged by marketers to publicize their products in spite of their obvious benefits.

Here are a few creative ways to use stickers to promote your brand.

  • Keep the message short but attractive – Do not have a publicity message that will only fit large stickers, make it short and visually appealing. Remember that they have to be fitted into various sizes, not necessarily the large car bumper ones. Stickers are popular giveaways going back to childhood. For true brand promotion they have to match the size of various mediums – laptops, phones, windows, water bottles, signs, anywhere. It is always preferable to have a single meaningful message that will instantly be identified with your brand, irrespective of the size of the sticker.
  • Use technology to design stickers – Since the message is so important, use technology to design stickers. You can be as creative as you want with only your laptop and sticker templates for company. Get specific product templates and modify them to suit your requirements. These include customizing text, colour, and image for maximum satisfaction and performance. Or you can get in touch with a reputed web design company in Melbourne or anywhere for that matter to design a sticker format for you. You can preview the finished product before you order them.
  • Special promotion drives – In case you have a special promotion drive for your product in mind, there is nothing better than stickers to help you along. For example, if you are offering a specific discount, create a sticker in bright colours saying so and have it put on the carton. Customers will be able to see the outline from a distance even on supermarket shelves and at least will come close to see what it is all about. You would have made some indirect marketing for the item if the news of the discount spreads through the power of word-of-mouth.
  • An engaging gift – Even without displaying stickers in public, they still make a very cost effective advertising way to increase brand awareness if you just gift them out. It definitely has a higher promotional value than the traditional business cards, brochures and flyers because unlike these, there is always a personal touch to stickers. A flyer once read goes into the nearest trash can. Not so with stickers. If one has an engaging message in bright colours with a cartoon character thrown in, people will think “where can I stick this”, just for the fun element. Hence, gift stickers as much as you can, to friends, relatives, business associates or even the unknown man on the street. Your ROI on market spends will surely be higher than other forms of publicity material.

These are just a few examples of creative ways to use stickers for brand promotion. Let your imagination run riot and you’ll get a lot more.