Customise Your Name Labels & Stickers

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  • Pencils
  • Lunchboxes
  • Cutlery
  • Bags
  • Thermoses
  • Sporting Equipment
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  • And Other Valuables

Keep track of your child's belongings with our customisable name labels. Make things more personal for a child with a kid's label. They are more inclined to look after item with kids name stickers and favourite character or logo attached. Help the child understand its boundaries and the boundaries of others with a personalised label, and help those items find their way home.

Look over our extensive range of designs. There is a style that appeals to every individual. Name labels and personalised items have never looked better. From sport or school labels to personalised gifts or party items you'll wonder what you did before you discovered our quality items.

Huge Range of Design and Options

Kids labels were the starting point for our company, and remain a popular item; more so because of the ever expanding range of designs, fonts, colours characters and icons available. From large, easy to read and identify name labels for younger children to slick designer name labels suited to older children and teens, even seniors. Name labels have never been easier and more appealing.

Iron on Name Labels are great for clothing and other items that won't accept a sticker. Personalise an item for a child and give them a sense of ownership and individual boundaries, letting them take pride in what is theirs. Favourite characters and icons on kids labels make identification easy for a child not yet able to read their own name.

Name On It Kids Labels and personalised gifts make for great birthday and Christmas ideas. Browse our website for inspiration and let your child find what he or she wants. You know what you are getting in advance at our website, and can rest assured with our prompt and secure ordering services.